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W302N1254 Maple Avenue
Delafield, WI 53018-7000



8:00 am-4:00 pm

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Town Board
Second and fourth Tuesdays each month 6:30 pm

Plan Commission
First Tuesday each month 6:30 pm

Fire Department

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Stations & Apparatus

The Town of Delafield Fire Department operates out of two fire stations, and maintains a fleet of modern fire and rescue apparatus to serve the residents of the Town.

Station #1 serves as the operational and administrative headquarters for the Department. It is located at W302N1208 Maple Avenue, at the corner of Silvernail Road and Maple Avenue.
(262) 646-6666

Station 1 houses the following Department apparatus:

Ambulance 3151
Ambulance 3151 is a 2013 Ford F-450 by LifeLine Emergency Vehicles. 3151 is the Town’s primary advanced life support (ALS) ambulance, equipped with advanced cardiac life support equipment. 3151 responds to nearly every call for Fire Department service in the Town of Delafield.

Engine 3161
Engine 3161 is a 1994 E-One Pumper with a 1,500 G.P.M. pump and a 1,250 gallon tank. 3161 is the Town’s primary engine for fire and rescue response, equipped for fire suppression and vehicle extrication, with a complement of other tools for other assignments.

Rescue 3176
Rescue 3176 is a 2010 Pierce Quantum, custom designed as a combination heavy rescue and dive team vehicle. 3176 is the Town’s primary apparatus for water and ice rescue, carrying the majority of equipment needed for use in Dive Team operations. Its secondary uses include fire incident support with its 6000 p.s.i. mobile air cascade system, and vehicle extrication with its cache of extrication and rescue tools.

Grass Rig 3181
Grass truck 3181 is a 2013 Ford F-350 by Workhorse Fire Apparatus. 3181 is primarily used as a grass and brush fire response vehicle, with 4-wheel drive and a rear-mounted pump with integrated foam injection. 3181 is also used to transport personnel and to provide support for other fire, rescue, and EMS incidents.

Tender 3192
Tender 3192 is a 2004 Peterbilt by U.S. Tanker. While primarily classified as a water tender with its 3,000 gallon tank, 3192 also boasts a 1,250 G.P.M. pump, making it a versatile piece of apparatus, able to perform traditional tender operations but also able to serve as a fire attack pumper when necessary.

Station # 2 is a satellite station located at W329S690 Highway C, just south of Lapham Peak State Park in the southwest corner of the Town.
(262) 646-8920

Station 2 houses the following Department apparatus:

Ambulance 3152
Ambulance 3152 is a 2006 Ford F-450 by MedTec. 3152 is an advanced life support (ALS) ambulance, and like 3151, it is equipped with advanced cardiac life support equipment. 3152 is the primary ambulance serving Lapham Peak State Park, which is immediately north of Station 2.

Engine 3162
3162 is a 1996 International by Marion. 3162 is equipped for fire suppression and vehicle extrication, and carries an assortment of other equipment and tools to support various fire and rescue operations.

Utility 3187, 3186, and 3199
Utility 3187 is a 1992 Ford F-250. After a long career as the Department’s primary grass fire response vehicle, 3187 was reassigned as a utility and towing vehicle. It is now primarily responsible for towing the Dive Team trailer, which transports a supplementary cache of water and ice rescue equipment, as well as ATV 3186 and the Zodiac inflatable boat. 3186, a 1998 Kawasaki Mule 4x4, is used for a variety of support assignments ranging from water and ice rescue operations support to personnel and patient transport for off-highway incidents. The Zodiac inflatable boat, 3199, is used to deploy divers in open water rescue operations.

Contact  | Stations & Apparatus  | News | Events | Burning Regulations | About Us | Employment

June 23 –Town Board
(Download Agenda)
6:30 PM @ Town Hall

June 29 – Board of Appeals (Download Agenda)
5:30 PM @ Town Hall

July 3 – Town Hall Closed

July 7 – Plan Commission
6:30 PM @ Town Hall